This software is running as Final Run. All data posted by money changers will be considered as official data from now onward. So do NOT do any experiment.

Notice Board

Maintain a Secret Diary to write down your valuable passwords

If you know your Password but your User ID is LOCKED then try again after 20 minutes with your latest known Password.

If you need a New Password, send a mail (with User ID) To:;;;    CC:

For correcting Passport related info or if you fail to post data for some Passport numbers then , contact with:;;;    CC:;. Email must contain Passport Number, details of mistake and correct information. Scan copy of passport as an evidence must be sent.

Correcting Wrong Entry:- Click on "Transaction" menu. There is a "User Manual for Correcting Wrong Transaction" on left side of that page. Click on "here" to open that manual. Read manual carefully to correct your wrong transaction. Then send email to

For correcting Visiting Country send MCTRSN and Correct Visiting Country To:;; CC:;

*** If you need New User ID for new a Money Changer, contact to:    cc to:;;

Attach Scan Copy of the BB Letter that issued you new Money Changer License with your email ***